Pet Portraits by Amanda Dockerty
Pet portraits by Amanda Dockerty

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Bull Terrier pet portrait

Great Dane pet portrait


Pet Portrait details


Amanda works from photographs of the subject to produce her pet portraits so you need to be able to supply photographs of sufficient quality for Amanda to work from. If you don't have sufficient photo's and you live locally (Cumbria & SW Scotland), Amanda can arrange to have new photographs taken of your pet. All original photographs you provide will be returned to you upon completion of your pet portrait.

If you are unable to take new photographs, for example in the case of a deceased pet and only have limited photographs, Amanda can often still create a good likeness, by using her extensive knowledge of animals and discussions with you about your pet.

Amanda uses the finest quality artist papers and materials to produce individual works of art and commissions can take up to 5 weeks to complete.

A pet portrait can be of head only, full body, single or group subjects. They can even show your pet in a particular setting. Because of the extra work and time involved a portrait of this type would be individually priced as a special commission.

Group subjects

For group subjects it isn't necessary for all the subjects to be on the same photograph - Amanda often receives requests for a portrait of a deceased pet with a new pet or a portrait of the same pet at different ages.

The finished pet portrait

Upon completion your Pet Portrait will be dispatched to you via registered courier, the cost of postage will include insurance. If you are not one hundred per cent satisfied with your pet portrait simply return it in it's original condition for a refund.

Copyright and commercial work

Amanda retains copyright on all her work and it must not be copied or reproduced in any form without her express, written consent. The prices on this website are for individual non-commercial commissions. If you'd like a quotation for commercial work please contact Amanda to discuss.


Portraits can be supplied framed or unframed. Framing is an art in itself - there are many factors to consider - style of portrait, medium, frame profile, mounting, etc. not to mention the subject!

While there are many 'off the shelf' frames available we would strongly recommend that you have your Pet Portrait professionally framed by a reputable picture framer. After all, you have commissioned an individual work of art which you will no doubt display in a prominent place in your home or office so why not show it off to it's best.

Amanda uses a local, long established picture framer who's work and attention to detail is of the highest quality.

There is a vast amount of frames and mountings to choose from, so much so that the choice can seem bewildering. Amanda will be happy to advise on the choice of frame and mounting or, if you wish, will liaise with the picture framer on your behalf and together will choose the most appropriate frame/mounting to achieve the best result for your portrait.

Please visit the Frames Gallery page to see samples of some of the more popular and effective frames available.

The cost of framing is additional to the price of the portrait and as this will vary depending on the type of frame, mounting etc. it is not possible to give a fixed cost at this time. Please contact Amanda for further details. Also, please be aware that if you require your portrait to be framed the comission will take a little longer as the picture framer has his own workload / commitments and Amanda has no control over this aspect of the commission.

if ordering from outside the UK, due to the risk of damage in transit, we would suggest having your Pet Portrait framed by a reputable framer in your country of residence.

A 25% deposit is required on commission of a portrait the remainder being due upon completion. For orders outside the UK full payment is required on commission. Full payment for Pet Portrait Gift Vouchers is required prior to dispatch.


To order your pet portrait


1. Decide on the style of portrait you want.

Do you want your portrait to be supplied already framed? If so consider the type of frame / and mounting card you would like. Is it to match existing picture frames, decor etc?

Refer to the Pet Portrait Prices page to work out the cost of your portrait. (minus the cost of framing).

Can't decide on style etc? Visit the Pet portraits gallery page for ideas and examples of Amanda's work. Or contact Amanda for advice.

2. Look for suitable photographs of your pet or take addittional photographs.

Visit the Tips for photographing your pet page.

Not sure if your existing photographs are suitable and aren't able to take any more photo's? If in any doubt you can send your photo's to Amanda to look at and decide if they are suitable. You can send them via post or e-mail. Contact Amanda for advice.

3. Contact Amanda to discuss your requirements and agree a completion date.

Amanda will guarantee completion for the date agreed unless unforseen circumstances occur. If for specific dates - anniversaries, birthdays etc. a 3-5 weeks notice is usually required.

4. Forward your photographs, deposit etc. to Amanda.

Amanda will commence the portrait upon receipt of the necessary deposit etc.

5. Approval

When the portrait is completed Amanda will e-mail a sample of the finished work for your approval. If you are happy with the finished product simply forward the balance of the fee and your Pet Portrait will be forwarded to you via registered courier. If in the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied with your portrait, simply return it in its' original condition for a refund.